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Everything You Need to Know About Landscape Lighting in Overland Park

Is your backyard currently a little boring and uninviting? Do you find that even though, you’ve spent lots of time and money to make your backyard the perfect entertainment space for your guests, they’d rather spend time inside, all crammed together in your kitchen and living room?

For whatever reason, guests just don’t feel comfortable in your outdoor space. But our hardscaping team at GD Services has the answer, and it could lie in a place you hadn’t considered: the lighting.

Any filmmaker will tell you—lighting is important. With just a few bulbs and the right colors, landscape lighting can transform how an entire location looks and feels. And we offer the best landscape lighting in Overland Park.

The DIY Problem

Lots of people prefer to complete backyard projects without the help of a trained specialist, and we understand that compulsion. After all, we’ve built our entire business on working outdoors. It can be a very rewarding process. But installing high-quality lighting is a different challenge than you’re probably used to.

If you want to ensure that your outdoor lighting is weather-proofed, long-lasting, and, ultimately, safe, then you should hire a team of experienced professionals to install your lighting for you. And you can’t get more experienced than the GD Services team.

Your Outdoor Solution

GD Services is a team that is dedicated to helping you feel proud of your yard. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to buy a house, so you should ensure that every single part of it looks great. The problem is, many people don’t know how to optimize their outdoor space. That’s where we come in.

GD Services, an opportunity for landscape lighting in Overland Park

We’ve spent years designing, building, and installing features that can help any yard stand out. So if you’ve been looking for something that will help elevate your property, you should take a look at everything we offer, from patios, retaining walls, and of course, lighting.

A Team That Cares

The GD Services team is dedicated to improving the look of the Overland Park area. We have a vested interest in making this community look great, because we live here. We love the Overland Park area, and we want our customers to love it too. That all starts with exceptional hardscaping. When you meet with a member of our team, you can rest assured that you’re meeting with a tried and true hardscaping specialist. We’ve seen it all, and we can help apply that experience to you and your yard.

A Light for Every Occasion

Everyone is different, and everyone’s yard is different, too. Because of this, we wanted to provide you with as many options for landscape lighting in Overland Park as we could. When you meet with us for your lighting consultation, you can choose between options like:

  • Up Lights
  • Pathlights
  • Well Lights
  • Bistro Lights

If you want a couple of lights to brighten up a particularly dark patio staircase, we can do that. Or maybe you want to bathe your entire backyard in warm, yellow light. We can do that as well. Whatever your preferences, we have the methods to make your vision a reality.

Unseen Benefits

Our lights will certainly cast your yard in a better light, but quality outdoor lighting isn’t just about aesthetics. The right landscape lighting in Overland Park can help keep you and any other residents of your home safe.

According to one study, every year an average of over 1 million US citizens were treated for injuries related to falling down the stairs. If you want to avoid falling down the stairs, you should make sure you can see them! You don’t want to fall victim to a nasty fall after trying to make your way down your patio stairs in the dark.

Additionally, outdoor lights are perfect for security. They can signal to potential intruders that you’re home, thwarting any hope of a robbery. These lights will also keep the exterior of your home lit and visible, meaning that no one will be able to sneak up to your house under the cover of the dark. Landscape lighting in Overland Park lets you feel safer in your home.

Weather Proof

Outdoor lighting wouldn’t be very useful if a storm knocked them out. Fortunately, our outdoor lighting is completely weatherproof. Overland Park is no stranger to severe weather, from rain to ice storms, and when that severe weather hits, the last thing you want to worry about is your outdoor lighting.

But you can feel confident that your lights will be up to the task. Some of our lights are even designed to work underwater. So if you have a water feature like a pond, we can ensure that all of your guests will be able to see and enjoy it.

Remote Controls

Color is an important part of designing your landscape lighting in Overland Park. Depending on the tone that you want to set, you may want blue, yellow, or white light. But what if you’re not sure which color will look best in your backyard?

Well, luckily, we have options for even the most indecisive customers. Our lights have wireless control options that allow you to change the colors, hues, and brightness without having to change the bulb yourself.

So if you’re hosting a party and suddenly find that the lighting is just a bit too harsh for your group photo, you can just lower the intensity or pick a different shade.

Lighting, Automatically

Some people may be averse to the idea of outdoor lighting because it seems like a hassle. The thought of leaving your lights on and running up the power bill all day is enough to turn some people away from the idea of outdoor lighting altogether. But we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of the equation.

An example of our landscape lighting in Overland Park

Our outdoor lights are connected to an astrological timer, meaning they adjust themselves throughout the year to adjust for different day lengths. Or, if you prefer, you can set up a timer with your wifi. We can also install a manual switch that can be operated inside the home.

The Consultation Process

Not everyone is sure of what they want, or what will look best in their yard. Fortunately, we can help you make a decision during the initial consultation. This is an extremely important part of what we do, and it allows you to be a major part of the planning process.

When you schedule a consultation, we’ll work with you to find a convenient time to come check out your yard for ourselves. After all, we can’t exactly know what will work best in your yard if we haven’t even seen it. You can take this opportunity to ask any questions you have about the process.

After the consultation is complete, we can get to work scheduling the installation of your landscape lighting in Overland Park. 

The Installation Process

One of the most common questions we get during the consultation process is, “How long will all of this take?” And the answer to that question will vary depending on certain factors, like the lights you choose and how many you want to install.

But we will do our best to provide you with an estimate as soon as possible. We don’t ever want you to feel like you’re in the dark.

So let us know if you have any concerns about the installation process, and we will do our best to answer any and all of your questions.

More Lights the Merrier

Given the variety of our options for landscape lighting in Overland Park, you will likely want different lights for different areas of your yard. Looking to light up a trail? You’ll probably want a pathlight! Need to brighten the stairs up to your porch?

You’re looking for step lights. Fortunately, you won’t need to schedule separate consultations or installations for these different lighting options. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we can install them all at the same time.

Cost Estimates

Another question we often receive during the consultation is how much landscape lighting will will cost. While this too will vary, we will be able to give you an estimate as soon as the consultation is complete.

The main differentiator in the cost of our outdoor lighting is the actual materials themselves. While many of our lights have the same internal components, the materials of the fixtures are different.

Some are made of brass, while others are made of aluminum, and depending on which material you choose, the final price will vary. Either way, we will always be open and honest about the price of your lighting.

Your Hardscaping Resource

Are you looking for more information about our other services? Perhaps you want some outdoor hardscaping tips for your own projects. Either way, you should check out the rest of our blog posts.

Our blog will provide you with the resources you need to become more familiar with the hardscaping process.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a quality hardscaping project, and we wanted to pass this knowledge on to you. So take a look at our blogs, and learn more about hardscaping in Overland Park.

Reach out to us today!

The right lighting can transform the look of your yard for the better. Now, you can finally enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. If you want to get started as soon as possible, then schedule a consultation with us to get started with your landscape lighting in Overland Park. We’ll come out to your home and check out your yard to see how you can benefit from our outdoor lighting options.

We’ve seen for ourselves how quality lighting can take an outdoor entertainment space to the next level. We think you’ll see the difference too. So reach out now.


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