What to expect for your hardscape service in Overland Park.

So you’ve booked your consultation to discuss your hardscape service in Overland Park. You’re starting to dream about how your backyard will look when everything’s finished. The natural stone patio, the outdoor kitchen, and that hill will be cleaned up with a solid retaining wall. It’s enough to make anyone excited.

What you may not be thinking about is the few months it will take to get there. The trucks going in and out of your yard, the days of dirt work, the anxiety of wondering if you’ll ever get your beautiful backyard. At GD Services, we see both sides of the project. With hundreds of projects under our belt, homeowners have come to expect quality, courteous service from our crew. We’re there from planning your project to planting, so here’s what to expect when you choose us for your hardscape service in Overland Park.

Planning Your Project

When we say we’re there every step of the way, we mean it. George starts by sitting down and getting to know a few key things about your project before we get into design. The budget, timeline, and desired outcome are all big parts of your project.


Your project starts here because it gives everyone a realistic idea of what can be done. We may want to start with a retaining wall to maintain the budget and timeline while still getting you one step closer to your dream backyard. 


This determines how and when we can work on a project. When considering this, we can build out a timeline for every stage of the project. We may start with the retaining wall, space out some time for the patio, and work in the kitchen in a way that makes this entire process as efficient as possible. 


This is where projects start to take shape. Maybe you want a fire pit to take advantage of the freed-up space from the retaining wall. We can always give ideas and customize your project to keep budget, timeline, and outcome in mind when planning your hardscape service in Overland Park.

Projecting Your Progress

While we love watching HGTV too, the speed at which shows depict projects coming together is one of the greatest works of fiction on TV. In the real world, we have to carefully plan everything like equipment logistics, material availability and weather. 

GD services prides ourselves on having the most courteous workers in the industry. As a trusted hardscaping company, we are conscious of your neighborhood, your land, and your time. That means that if your hardscape service in Overland Park requires a backhoe, we won’t drive it through a muddy yard and track it out into the street. Instead, we plan your project with the elements and people in mind.

For a few months, it may be hard to look at your backyard. It’s so hard for some, that they schedule a vacation while we work on their projects! From the first time our equipment hits your yard to the final stone set, we’re just a call away in every stage of your hardscape service in Overland Park.

Expect the Best

Now that you know what to expect from your hardscape service in Overland Park, we hope you’re breathing a little easier. If you haven’t booked your consultation yet, get the conversation started! We’ll be happy to start planning your project.