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Professional Paver Installation in Stilwell

What comes to mind when you think of your ideal patio? Nights around a cozy fire, backyard BBQs, and lazy days outside are the best ways to enjoy a patio in the Midwest. However, if you’re settling for subpar work or doing it yourself, that dream patio can turn into a nightmare very quickly. To avoid costly, frequent fixes, homeowners trust GD Services for quality paver installation in Stilwell. Here’s how we’re paving the way to quality on every project.

Pavers Are…

Before we get into the intricacies of installing your pavers, it’s important to understand what pavers actually are. We opt for pavers to make installation and maintenance a snap. In addition to overall quality, pavers add depth and beauty with various sizes and colors available to suit every design and budget.

Precast Concrete

Contrary to popular belief, not every patio pro pours concrete. Instead, we cut and place concrete pads in patterns that are equally beautiful as they are durable. We design your patio with the perfect pavers for the look and feel you desire—on a budget you can afford. Precast concrete is one of the most durable, flexible ways to get high-quality looks without blowing your budget.

Long Lasting

One of the biggest perks of precast concrete pavers is that they are more dense and more durable than poured concrete. Pavers are able to withstand harsh elements and shift with the ground as your landscape slowly changes over time. With increased durability, you can enjoy your patio longer and spend less time maintaining it!

Low Maintenance

Here’s an industry tip: No one likes replacing concrete! We’re happy to replace old, cracked concrete. But as we restore and refresh your space, we’ll improve the materials used while finding ways to minimize your maintenance and maximize your quality of life. 

We trust Belgard for high-quality pavers backed by a lifetime warranty that covers any replacements for the life of the pavers. If any paver looks out of place or cracked, just give us a call, and we’ll have it replaced in a snap.

Projects That Use Pavers

Now that you know why we use pavers, let’s lay out how we use pavers in our projects. The best thing about pavers is that they are able to be positioned uniquely for every project we use them on. That means you could have the same color, size, and shape, but change up the pattern to create a totally different look! Here are a few popular areas for paver installation in Stilwell homes we service:


This is where you’ll find the majority of our pavers. We start every patio project by walking alongside the homeowner and explaining how we can improve the slope, grade, and compaction of their land to provide a solid foundation. We then add gravel to ensure everything stays level, and finally we place all of the pavers in the pattern of your choice. This all seems very simple, but take it from the pros—it’s anything but. 

With so many factors to consider, such as elevation changes, slope, and soil quality, it’s difficult to eyeball any professional patio design. To place everything perfectly, we utilize computer-aided design, or CAD, and a few other handy tools to create a precise model and provide the most accurate paver installation in Stilwell and many other communities we serve.


For a perfect driveway or walkway, pavers are the best option for a totally unique look. Driveways can be improved with intricate patterns that add a wow factor to your home without a lot of effort. For a smaller commitment to pavers, try them on a sidewalk or a walkway in your backyard! Our pros at GD Services are proud to provide our customers with personalized pathways for wherever their life leads!

And More

With this many quality options and years of experience in one place, the possibilities are almost endless! We can include pavers to heat things up with an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. Or we’ll set the mood with the right lighting and landscaping to accentuate your perfect patio. We’re proud to provide our customers with the highest standard of paver installation in Stilwell and the rest of Overland Park.

Get Off Your Duff!

Dreams don’t work unless we do. So when you’re ready to build your dream patio, get in touch with our pros or schedule your in-person consultation! We’re excited to show you how GD Services can make your outdoors great again.