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What Makes a Great Patio Designer in Overland Park?

There are many things to consider when planning your perfect patio. From slopes and grades, to pavers and lighting, a lot goes into every professionally installed patio. Our community is known for dream patios, and every dream starts with a design. Dreams don’t come easy, which is why having a trusted patio designer in Overland Park is so important. Let’s dig into how GD Services can design and place the patio of your dreams.

Picture This

It’s a tale as old as time; lawn envy is one thing, but patio envy is a whole different story. Whether it’s your friends’ down the block or your favorite neighborhood hangout, KC has some of the best patios for all four seasons. From roasting smores to Super Bowl parties, no home in the heartland is complete without a place to enjoy the outdoors.

A Pro Patio Is…

Professional-quality service and materials make dreams come to life without any nightmares. We don’t discourage anyone from trying to do it themselves. But to avoid headaches, we recommend talking to a respected patio designer in Overland Park.

Made From Pavers

At GD Services, we’re experts on many aspects of your outdoor space. Pouring concrete isn’t one of them. Instead, we opt for precast concrete pavers. We opt for pavers because of their ease of installation, maintenance, and overall quality. Pavers can be ordered in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit every design and budget.

Or Natural Stone

For high-end patios, there’s no mistaking the look of natural materials. Every stone is unique due to the erosion that has taken place for thousands of years as the stones wait to be placed in your yard. We custom cut every natural stone Belgard paver we place to ensure the best fit while retaining the stone’s natural beauty. Natural stones are a hallmark of an expert patio designer in Overland Park because they take highly skilled hands to place perfectly.


In short, yes. It is expensive to get a fully custom patio designed and built right in your backyard. However, it’s even more expensive to repair and replace concrete over time. Typical ballpark estimates can range from $5,000 to 10,000 for an entry-level patio. With additions and specialty materials, finished products can easily add up to more than that. When considering the cost of professional quality, it all depends on when you’d like to invest in your outdoor space. 

As a professional patio designer in Overland Park, we strive to give our customers the best return on their investment for the life of their home. This is the key difference between a responsible contractor and a readily available one. We recommend expecting between 3 to 5 months lead time for your project to start. Once we begin, we conduct extensive restoration and reshaping to give your patio a great foundation.


Professional patios are more than just perfectly placed stones. When we design patios, we start by compacting, leveling, and preparing the land before any stone is placed. This is why we conduct an in-person walkthrough of your land. We track your elevation, slope, and uneven areas to determine the best way to form the foundation of your patio. That’s just the start of our in-depth patio design process!

Patio Designs for Every Possibility

We precisely map and design your patio with the help of digital tracking. Our highly specialized tools are rare among patio designers in Overland Park. Some may prefer to “eyeball it” from pictures and measurements. However, we go above and beyond by keeping our boots on the ground from the foundation to the finishing touches.

From the Ground

We utilize computer-aided design (CAD) to precisely plan every shovel of dirt it takes to form the foundation of your patio. Drawing from our experience designing patios in Overland Park, we base our recommendations on your budget and desired outcome. If you’re looking to avoid costly maintenance and want to make a solid investment in your home, you’re looking in the right place.

To the Grout

As we finish your foundation, your patio project really gets exciting. We’ll decide on natural stone or precast options, and we’ll place every stone based on careful planning and efficient cut sheets. Unlike most guys, we like reading instructions!

We’ll take care of everything from keeping your stones in place to cleaning up like we were never there in the first place. Customers trust GD Services for quality before, during, and after every project we complete. That’s what makes George Dille—our CEO—a trusted patio designer in Overland Park. His attention to detail and industry knowledge come together to create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces.

Better Patios With Belgard

To create the best patio in your neighborhood, you need the best pavers. Our pros trust Belgard for the highest quality and most options available for pavers. Belgard allows us to create unique, useful outdoor spaces everywhere around your home. 

Personal Style

Belgard customers are some of the best inspiration available to see what could be for your yard. We discuss all of your options to find the right fit for your home, style, and budget. Our patio designers in Overland Park design every aspect of your patio to complement your lifestyle and your home’s beauty.

We have so many options to choose from, ranging from geometric shapes to Belgian cobble patterns. Belgard pavers make the possibilities endless as you decide what to mix and match for your project. Whether your color palette is neutral, warm, or cool, we help you decide the paver styles and color blends to complement the architecture of your home. 

Professional Quality

Belgard is part of Oldcastle APG. They’re one of the largest hardscaping materials manufacturers in North America. With backing from industry giants and a lifetime warranty, we build our patios to the highest standards and are always learning something new from our distributors.

With deep industry ties, it’s easy to stay on trend. Belgard works to keep us on the cutting edge of manufacturing trends, technologies, and style innovations for every project. At GD Services, we believe that your patio designer in Overland Park should blend the most modern materials and techniques available with the old-school service that turns customers into friends.

Adding Function to Form

It’s simple: Friends don’t let friends have boring patios in the Midwest. That’s why we’re always happy to talk about additions! GD Services is trusted for a lot more than just great patio designs. We combine our intimate knowledge of outdoor architecture and other skilled tradesmen to create amazing features built to get the whole family outside.

Fire Pit

Our most popular addition to any patio is a custom fire pit! As you talk with our patio designer in Overland Park, make sure to include a fire pit with your patio. Even if budgets are tight, we have plenty of options to fire up your outdoor patio as the nights cool down.


Instead of going in and out of your kitchen, why not bring it outside? In addition to your patio, we can create an outdoor kitchen complete with everything you need to entertain like a pro. From blockbusting backyard movie nights to the best seats for the big game, we create outdoor spaces built to make your home the hit of your block! 


In addition to outdoor entertainment centers, customers typically need lighting to keep the party going into the night. We make sure to include any necessary lighting in the design of your patio to streamline construction and keep every aspect of your patio completely cohesive. We specialize in setting the mood as an experienced patio designer in Overland Park.

Other Possibilities

Instead of leaving a steep slope as we build the foundation of your patio, we may opt to create a retaining wall for additional safety and beauty in your backyard. Over time, the ground moves, but our pavers and natural stones stay in place. Even if your soil moves, retaining walls are a great way to minimize any impact due to their strong stone construction. 

The GolD Standard

George Dille is the brains and the brawn of GD Services. He’s been improving the look and landscape of the KC area for decades, making him a neighborhood authority for all things from softscaping to patio design in Overland Park. Our standard of service is built on the positive impact our work makes on our customers’ lives.

For George and the rest of GD Services, outdoor spaces aren’t just a livelihood, they’re our life’s work. As we design and build your patio, we passionately place every paver because, with every project we complete, we improve the lives of the wonderful people we serve. You may not see it at first, but take it from a pro: Life’s better outside. 

Get Outside!

The best room in your home also happens to be the biggest. To spend more time connecting in the great outdoors, get connected with trusted, local pros. Talk with our team or schedule your consultation to revitalize your outdoor living.

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