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What is the Difference Between Hardscaping and Softscaping?

Your home is the most valuable asset you’ll ever own, and its landscape one of the most important investments you can make for it. Not only does landscaping provide practical improvements to your home, it also plays a major role in your home’s overall aesthetic. With the right people, landscaping can provide the touches that make your home distinctly yours. 

But while you might be familiar with things like retaining walls or flower beds, you may not know as much about the broader landscaping categories they belong to—in this case, hardscaping and softscaping, respectively. 

As trusted experts, the team at GD Services has the knowledge and experience needed to seamlessly incorporate one or both elements into your home’s landscape design! Read on to learn more about our capabilities when it comes to hardscaping and softscaping in Overland Park, as well as the difference between the two!

Are Hardscaping & Softscaping Different From Landscaping?

Hardscaping and softscaping in Overland Park are both subcategories of landscaping. So, when someone refers to either service, they aren’t talking about something different from landscaping as a whole. Instead, they’re referring to two separate aspects that can both be included as part of a larger landscape design. 

But even though hardscaping and softscaping are related in this sense, the two are entirely different. Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements of a home landscape design, while softscaping deals with the living elements. 

Hardscaping in Overland Park

Hardscaping specifically deals with brick and mortar aspects, such as retaining walls, patios and pavers, decks, and much more. Though hardscaping can add a significant boost aesthetically, it’s more solid and unchanging than it is fluid. Thus, hardscaping focuses more on practicality and functionality. Your car needs a driveway, outdoor recreation areas will need paved walkways and patios, etc. 

Softscaping in Overland Park

Softscaping, on the other hand, will be much more fluid. Softscaping focuses on the horticultural element of a home’s landscape design. These can include aspects such as flowers, plants, soil, grass, trees, and more. Because these living elements grow and change over time, the colors, textures, and shapes will also alter.

The labor that goes into both of these categories will also differ. The different services performed during hardscaping, as you can guess, will be much heavier and more intensive. Hardscaping, ideally, will also not change over time. Softscaping can also involve intensive labor, but the horticulture used will require homeowners to plan for elements such as heat and frost. 

How Does GD Services Incorporate Both?

The main goal of landscaping is to incorporate the elements of hardscaping and softscaping and strike a balance between the two. When partnering with a team of experts—like the ones at GD Services—you can create a landscape that’s equal parts functional and robust. 

The problem that some homeowners run into is that they have too much of one or the other. Too much hardscaping can make your home feel too much like a concrete jungle, while too much softscaping might become difficult to manage. Our team helps homeowners find the happy medium. 

Starting with an initial consultation, we’ll go over all of your landscaping wants, needs, and challenges and use the information to develop a customized plan. Our team will then walk you through every single detail of your project and its design, while also building a bid and developing a service schedule. 

Working with our dedicated, highly knowledgeable team, you can watch your dream home landscaping become a reality. Whether you need hardscaping or softscaping in Overland Park, we won’t rest until you find the perfect balance for your home. Our full list of services include:


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do hardscaping and softscaping services cost?

The cost for both hardscaping and softscaping in Overland Park will vary significantly between homeowners. Much of it depends on the extent of the services, such as the square footage of the landscape, the current condition of your softscaping, and whether we are doing your front yard, back yard, or both. All of these factors will dictate how long our softscaping experts will need to spend at your home to bring your vision to life. Our team will work with you to understand your goals, aesthetic, and budget during your initial consultation. 

Typically, most of our customers start by budgeting up to 10% of their home’s value for initial softscaping installation; and annually, about half a percent to one percent of their home’s value for ongoing maintenance.

When is the best time of year to perform landscaping services?

In the Midwest, the best time of year for large-scale landscaping services is typically during the spring season, because it will help give any plants an opportunity to grow and acclimate during the summer and autumn months. Therefore, beginning any planning stages during the winter months can help you budget accordingly for the next year and take the time to find the right company for your unique vision. 

Should I do hardscaping or softscaping first?

Landscape design and installation tends to go more smoothly if you start with hardscaping. Saving your softscaping services for later in the process will allow the team at GD Services the opportunity to build a structure and boundaries that you can build your softscape around.

Which plants should I use for softscaping?

When deciding on the types of plants you want to incorporate into your softscaping in Overland Park, it’s best to consider the climate you live in and the maintenance required with any horticultural elements. Unless you take particular pride in your gardening abilities, choosing perennial plants will require less maintenance—as they come back year after year. 

How long will my project take?

Again, this will depend on the extent of labor required in your hardscaping and softscaping project. Some projects may only take a few days, while others can last a few weeks. Our team can provide a service schedule in the early stages of your project so that you know what to expect. 

Looking for Custom Hardscaping & Softscaping in Overland Park? Contact GD Services!

The team at GD Services is ready to help you create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Our talented team of experts works with homeowners across Johnson County and can assist  you with a variety of home landscaping services. 

For all of your hardscaping and softscaping needs in Overland Park and beyond, turn to the professionals at GD Services! Get started today by scheduling a consultation or contact us with any questions you may have.