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Finding a trusted hardscaping company in Overland Park

Hardscaping company in Overland Park

From signing the paperwork to settling in, it’s easy to daydream about projects to transform your house into a home. If you’re looking to bring your grilling, patio, and backyard living dreams to life, you need an experienced hardscaping company in Overland Park.

Overland Park oozes heartland hospitality. So it’s only a matter of time before your neighbors invite you over for a garden party. While you talk with your neighbors, you’re probably also secretly scoping out the custom fire pit, the one-off outdoor kitchen, or the glow of the Edison bulbs on the gorgeous patio. As you make your way home, you can’t shake the feeling that your yard could be a lot more than fido’s bathroom.

Think before you DIY

When you get home, you’re bound to start browsing social media. As you scroll through every “super easy” project you start to think about getting your hands dirty. This is where so many homeowners learn a very valuable lesson about their backyard renovation.

We’re not saying it’s a bad idea to try your hand at a few simple projects. But we can think of so many better ways to spend a weekend than lugging stones around covered in dirt and sweat. When you’re ready to start tackling those big projects like a retaining wall or patio, talk to an expert about what all goes into your dream yard.  

Hardscaping, softscaping, or landscaping?

Picking up the phone is a lot easier than picking up half a ton of stone from Home Depot. But talking about your project can get a little confusing when you start to consider everything that goes into your outdoor space. Projects like that patio, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen are all made possible by a trusted hardscaping company in Overland Park.

How to tell the difference.

Here’s how to know what category your project falls in. What material is being used? Hardscape projects involve solid elements like stone, concrete, and metal. Softscape projects generally include natural additions like grass, mulch, and trees. Landscaping generally refers to changing the look of your land. Which is why it sometimes blurs the line between hardscaping and softscaping.

Our hardscaping company in Overland Park goes above and beyond to encompass all three parts in your project. With a designer who also oversees each aspect of your project as they come to life. This helps every piece work together to create a cohesive overall look. As well as ensuring that you only have one call to make at every stage of your project.

The end goal is to make you spend just as much time outside as you do inside your home. So when we combine hardscaping, softscaping, and landscaping, we work just like designers and contractors on the inside of your home. Here’s how each stage of your project ties in the basic principles of landscape design to make your exterior look just as good as the interior.

The Foundation

Think of how the interior of your house came together. Your design starts with the “studs” of your backyard. We start with landscaping. That can mean bringing in equipment, leveling land, and reshaping your landscape. The foundation of your entire project is the landscaping under it.

The Form

To continue our example, we look at the walls and fixtures. For your interior, this means sheetrock, insulation, and lighting. For your exterior, this means hardscaping with pavers, concrete, and also lighting! Hardscaping entails many of the same elements as your interior. The only difference is when we say open concept, we mean really open. 

Unlike the inside of your home, we have a lot of freedom when it comes to what your hardscaping will look like. Maybe you want an outdoor living room and outdoor kitchen. To add separation between the two spaces, we use different patterns and pavers instead of walls and doors. Our goal in your design is to help you enjoy the exterior of your home just as much as you enjoy the interior.

The Finish

The interior of your home uses paint, wallpaper, and glass to create the best look. Your exterior, on the other hand, uses mulch, plants, and grass to create an overall look. This is where the best parts of landscaping and softscaping come together. We use all-natural materials in every aspect of your project to reflect the best parts of outdoor design.

Each project inside, or outside of your home needs to be coherent, tasteful, and totally you. This is the difference you get when you hire our professional hardscape company in Overland Park. When you hire GD services, you don’t just hire a contractor. You get access to professional opinions, equipment and materials you won’t find anywhere else.  

From Planning to Planting

That project you’re still daydreaming about can’t come together without a plan. With us, you’ll plan your project with George. George isn’t just our founder. He’s our project foreman, our horticulturist, and our estimator. That means in one meeting, you’re able to plan your entire project and get an accurate quote in the same conversation.

As with any home improvement project, design, prices, and snags can always change things. We anticipate snags and changes before the first shovel hits the dirt. Which keeps everyone happy and the project rolling right along. Throughout your entire project, you only have one call to make for everything from planning to planting.


After you schedule a consultation, it’s time to tell us about your dream. We obviously want to know the physical things you want. But our designs take it a step further. Tell us about who you’d enjoy that fire pit with or what you’d cook in that outdoor kitchen. The better we understand you, the better we can plan your project to be what you’ve been dreaming about.

The most unique thing about GD services is that we’re the designers, project foremen, and point of contact for every client. During your project all of these responsibilities make the process the smoothest it can be. Your dream yard may look like a nightmare for a few weeks or even months. So feel free to talk to us about anything from design changes to mid-project dread.


We carefully plan every aspect of your planting to maximize the look and function of your outdoor space. From the breed and color of the grass to the size and shape of your shrubs, we make everything look like it was always meant to be there.

In the final days of your project, we keep the area clean and begin our landscape and softscape work. With a pristine lawn and perfectly placed plants, most homeowners start to see that nightmare turn into their dream. 

What makes GD Services a go-to hardscaping company in Overland Park?

Hardscaping services are some of the most time-intensive, and costly parts of an outdoor project. So it’s okay to be picky when it comes to who you contract. For any home improvement, you want someone with the right tools and experience with you every step of the way. This is exactly why hundreds of homeowners continue to recommend us as a trusted hardscaping company in Overland Park.

Our Experience

George is a jack of all trades in this industry. He’s our leader, our CEO, and a wealth of knowledge about everything exterior design. George uses knowledge from his degree and the job site in every project. He also shares this knowledge with other professionals in the industry. 

George takes the time to teach our clients about what goes into every aspect of their projects. He’s happy to share the design and construction process with clients and even give tips on maintenance. This is what keeps people coming back when they need a trusted hardscaping company in Overland Park.

Our Results

While most contractors cut and run after their project is done, we take the time to do regular follow-ups. This not only helps clients’ peace of mind but also makes sure our results stand the test of time. Clients can also call George with questions about maintenance, new projects, or gardener recommendations. 

When George comes back for these follow-ups, it’s not uncommon for neighbors to stop and thank him for keeping a clean job site, or ask for help with their projects. Our work speaks for itself. So you’re bound to get neighbors noticing. 

Your dream made possible with GD Services.

Anyone who owns a home starts with a dream. But once they get over their head trying to balance projects, life, and work, a daydream can become a nightmare quickly. The most important thing to look for in a professional hardscaping company in Overland Park is someone who will be there every step of the way. So if you’re still dreaming about your own garden party, give us a call

Hundreds of homeowners have turned their dreams into reality with GD Services. When you’re ready to do the same, schedule your consultation and leave the rest to us.