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Sustainable softscape and hardscape in Overland Park

You may not always think about it, but your yard is a crucial part of the environment. GD Services takes this into consideration from the day of your consultation to the finishing touches. So how do we keep sustainability in mind in our softscape and hardscape projects? Keep reading to find out.

Sustainable means…

Professional grade work takes professional knowledge. While we can bore you with hundreds of buzzwords and contractor jargon, sustainability stems from two aspects of your softscape and hardscape in Overland Park. 

Building the best environment.

We start by making sure that our work is right for your environment. Does everything work the way it needs to? Will everything function and look great for years to come? The answer to these questions lies in what goes into your project and what you want to get out of it. From the placement of pavers to the plants we use, your softscape and hardscape in Overland Park is completely unique to you.

Doing the right thing for you.

From the moment George Dille – our founder – sees your yard, he’s taking every aspect of your project into consideration. For example, you may really want a fire pit and patio in a certain area. But your land might require thousands of dollars of dirt work that would bust your budget before we do anything else. Instead of busting your budget, or building something that won’t last, George takes the time to walk you through options that are good for your land and good for your budget.

This is the difference our customers appreciate when working with the same person from planning to planting. George is a guru for softscape and hardscape in Overland park because he guides homeowners through every step of the process. We don’t just give people a great space to enjoy, we help them learn about what goes into that space.

What goes into your softscape and hardscape in Overland Park?

Stunning Softscapes

Your softscape is made up of the softer parts of your yard. Your grass, trees, shrubs and other plants all make up the softscape of your yard. When considering what we’ll use in your softscape, we think about a lot more than just what looks the best.

We think about how every plant interacts with each other in your design. As well as what plants fit your land and your design best. What looks amazing in a magazine, may not be feasible for your budget, lifestyle, or location. But we take the time to give you that dream yard with softscaping that looks great, functions right and fits into your budget.

Hardscaping with Heart

We do the same thing when it comes to hardscaping. The only difference is the materials we use. Hardscaping includes pavers, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens. But the wow factors of any yard also fall under the umbrella of hardscaping. Your yard will look great with all natural pavers, and a kitchen worthy of your own cooking show. But when the sun goes down, your yard lights up.

This is where your softscape and hardscape in Overland Park come together. By factoring in elements such as lighting, your hardscape can transform the look of your yard after the sun goes down. Gas fire pits and integrated lighting gives you more hours outside and creates the ideal atmosphere for any occasion. 

Results for your environment.

At GD Services, we create sustainable, beautiful environments for every budget and taste. So feel free to keep learning about us. But when you’re ready to start your project, we’re ready to plan it. Schedule your consultation or pick up the phone to make your dream yard a reality!