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Responsible hardscaping contractors in Overland Park

Customers come to us all the time with horror stories about previous contractors. With so many yard work companies out there, choosing the right one is both a crucial part of your project, and incredibly difficult. 

The right contractor can mean the difference between an over-budget nightmare and the backyard of your dreams. At GD Services, we’re the premier hardscaping contractors in Overland Park, Kansas City, and the entire region. We have years of experience as a hardscaping company in Kansas City, and we know what it takes to be successful. So take some time to learn what to look for in a trusted contractor.

The top 3 things you may hear from a contractor.

Contractors get a bad rap for many different reasons. A trusted hardscape contractor in Overland Park should be a better tradesman than they are a salesman. That’s why we let our customers and their yards do the talking for us. But you may talk to other contractors as you decide who to trust with your project. So here are a few phrases to watch for as you talk with a contractor. 

#1 It’ll take some work, but we can do that!

This may come across as transparent. But let’s get real, everything on your project takes work. When a contractor says this, it means you may have budget issues or be left with a subpar product. If a part of your dream yard may be hard to make a reality, your contractor should be honest with you. 

Our entire team works together to make your dream a reality from design to finishing touches. So if any of us notice a potential snag, or a way to improve your design, we’ll talk to you about it rather than promising something we can’t deliver.

#2 Two more weeks!

This phrase is almost a cliche when it comes to dealing with contractors. Customers usually hear this line when a contractor has no idea when they’ll be done but they don’t want to tell you. When you trust our crew, we are up front about your timeline from start to finish.

Rather than rushing our crew and creating sloppy work, we take our time to make sure everything comes together on time and on budget. When you only have to work with one company from planning to planting, keeping track of your timeline is a snap. At GD Services, we’re not just hardscaping contractors in Overland Park. We’re also your designer, plant specialist, and your go-to contact throughout every stage of your project.

#3 We’ll beat any budget!

This should be an immediate red flag. Reputable hardscaping contractors in Overland Park shouldn’t have to undercut prices to earn your business. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. When it comes to big projects for your home. Inside or outside, quality craftsmanship is always a wise investment.

At GD Services, we do not oppose turning down a project if budgets and expectations aren’t in sync. Simply put, we’d rather do it right than cheap. Our quality of work is never in question because we treat every home like we treat our own. This commitment to quality is seen in all of our finished projects.

Now that you know what to listen for when choosing a hardscape contractor in Overland Park, you may start warming up to the idea of doing it yourself. Who better to trust than yourself right? Before you take matters into your own hands, let’s take a look at why you should find a trusted professional for your project. 

The benefits of working with a responsible contractor.

Your home deserves the best quality, and you deserve the best service. This is why working with a respected contractor is so important. We come equipped with specialty tools, courtesy, and ibuprofen to prevent any headaches for our clients. So now that you know some red flags, here is what you should expect from a responsible hardscape contractor in Overland Park.


This is not only an important attribute for your project, it’s also important for those you trust to build it. Can you reach them when you need them? Do they show up when they say they will? These may seem like small things to some, but for our clients, it makes a big difference.

When you schedule your consultation, you can trust that George will be there. After that consultation, you’ll have a clear idea of when we’ll be working and for how long. That way you can give your neighbors a heads-up if we have a loud day scheduled. If you ever need to reschedule or just have an idea for your project, we’re just a call away.


For contractors, sustainability starts with doing the right thing. The right thing for your land, your budget, and your project. The right thing for your land is taking natural processes into account. If the natural landscape of your yard and your patio don’t work together, it can mean disaster down the road. 

To do it right, your hardscaping contractor in Overland Park should be able to create a design that ensures your project stays beautiful and on budget. At GD Services, we design spaces that stand the test of time. So when George looks at your yard during the consultation, he will survey the entire area. This is to make sure every aspect of your project is conscious of the environment it will live and the budget that brings it to life. 


Most of all, your contractor should be focused on creating a beautiful environment for you. A good contractor should be able to take your words, put them in a design, and create a finished product that looks like what you’ve been dreaming about. However, it is very rare to find one with a trusted vision and quality work.

George is your go-to for everything from initial design to tips for upkeep. That means his boots are on the ground alongside every person that brings your vision to life. His eye for design, specialized training, and experience in the field is a rare combination. The combined efforts of George and our crew at GD Services make us one of the most in-demand hardscaping contractors in Overland Park.

What’s different about GD Services?

Any company can say that they’re different than the rest, but what really sets us apart? Some may say they have trade secrets no one else knows. But the difference you get with GD Services isn’t a clandestine secret. It’s actually really simple.

Our level of service makes us stand out amongst other hardscaping contractors in Overland Park. From the initial consultation, to our last day on the job site, we treat our customers and their neighbors with courtesy and respect. We draw from family values and years of experience to create a yard you can be proud of while providing a level of customer service that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. 

Your dream starts with a conversation.

The best way to learn about your dream yard is in person. Our founder, George Dille talks with every homeowner before their project. This helps to get everyone on the same page before any work starts. Some may call it old fashioned, but this consultation is one of the most crucial parts of every project. 

In your consultation, you’ll talk about everything from your lifestyle to the lay of the land. This is where it’s best to be as forthcoming as possible. Be honest with George, because he’ll be honest with you. GD Services works with a tried and true code of ethics.

Your environment, our expertise.

George, and the entire team at GD Services are committed to bringing the best quality of work possible for your environment. But we didn’t get to be one of the most trusted hardscaping contractors in Overland Park overnight! Our professionals bring years of experience and specialized training to each and every one of our projects. 

From the placement of pavers to the plants we use, your softscape and hardscape in Overland Park is completely unique to you. So we take the time to walk you through options that are good for your land, budget, and taste. Whether you’re just putting in a retaining wall, or planning a full backyard renovation in Overland Park, we’re ready to help you love where you live.

Before you book.

Hardscaping projects are often just another line item in your honey-do list. But when you’re looking for a trusted hardscaping contractor in Overland Park, there are a lot of things to consider. GD Services gets dozens of bid requests every day from apps. However, there are so many things that the app doesn’t tell you.

To avoid hidden costs, understand your project, and get peace of mind, you don’t need to go through an app. Just book your consultation with us. Or get in touch to talk with one of the most trusted hardscape contractors in Overland Park