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A Deep Dive Into Our Overall Planning and Consultation Process in Overland Park

GD Services understands that yard jealousy is a tough thing! Sometimes, we spend so much of our effort meticulously curating our home’s interior that we accidentally ignore the exterior.

And your yard is important! It’s the first impression anyone gets of your home, so it’s not something that you want to neglect.

Soon, you may find yourself looking at your neighbors’ yards, steaming with envy. Everyone else’s yard seems to be so manicured, so meticulously designed, and so well-executed.

Why can’t yours look like that? How can you take the steps to improve the state of your yard? And who will help you navigate the consultation process in Overland Park?

You want to do all the work yourself, but that can be a difficult, expensive, and overwhelming task. Besides, you wouldn’t even know where to start! Unfortunately, hiring a contractor can be just as—if not more—intimidating. Everyone seems like they’re out to get you. It’s hard to tell who actually has your best interest at heart and who’s trying to scam you for a quick buck.

You need a hardscaping company that will tell it like it is, that will sit down and explain every decision that they make.

Luckily, if you’re in the Overland Park area, you can find such a contractor in GD Services. We include you in the planning and consultation process in Overland Park because we want to hear your input every step of the way.

GD Services

GD Services is a hardscaping company that can help you transform your yard for the better. If you’re looking for a group of professionals who can build patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and more, then you’re looking for us.

We treat your yard with the care it deserves because we understand that your yard is an extension of your home and you.

We were founded over a decade ago, and in that time, we’ve stayed true to our initial values of treating the customer with transparency and honesty. We work in areas all over Jackson and Johnson County, including Overland Park.

When you invite coworkers, friends, and family over for your next party or barbecue, we want you to get excited about guests seeing your perfectly designed and maintained yard. You won’t have to shoo up along the driveway; you can invite them to stay a while.

The GD Services Team

When you’re going through the meticulous overall planning process of transforming your yard, you want a team of hardscapers who know their stuff. And our team knows their stuff!

Our people live in Overland Park, so we have a vested interest in keeping this place beautiful. As a result, you know that we want your yard to look great almost as much as you do. You can speak candidly with our hardscapers—we won’t flinch.

We want you to get excited about the hardscaping process. We’re in this business because we have a real passion for it, and we can’t wait to see how you react to your brand new yard.

The Consultation Process

The consultation is the most important part of the process. Yes, even more important than the actual construction. Because the consultation process is when we get to hash out your ideas and plans for your yard.

We strive to take your ideas into account. After all, this is your yard. We could come in with a basic template and build a cookie-cutter design, but to be frank, where’s the fun in that?

You want to hardscape a yard that is unique to you and your personality. When people come over, you want them to instantly associate the layout of your yard with you.

In-Person Consultation

We won’t offer consultations based on low-quality photos sent over the phone. We want to see the yard for ourselves and really get a feel for it. When we understand the space, we can get a better idea of how to transform it.

We also get to know you, because your voice is the most important part of this consultation.

As you take us around your yard, we can slowly begin to understand how you feel about it. We can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t, and why you want to hire us in the first place. From there, we can get into the questions.

Your Objectives

During the consultation, we’ll ask you what you’re looking to get out of your yard. It’s one thing to simply say, “I want my yard to look better,” because doesn’t everyone? But some people might prefer their yard for aesthetics alone.

They see their yard as a decoration of sorts, which is more than fine with us. But other people might want more from their yard. They might want to build an outdoor kitchen to entertain guests. Or maybe they want a large patio to sit and watch the sunset at the end of a long day.

Either way, once we understand your idea of a dream yard, we can begin to make recommendations.

Honest Service

The contracting industry is filled with dishonesty. We’ve seen it for ourselves. Contractors can make false promises that blow up in their faces. They bite off more than they can chew, and then it’s the customer who pays the price. Because of this, we’ve made it our mission to stay honest and reliable.

We include you in every step of the way, so that way you can ask questions and raise concerns when necessary.

If you’re unhappy with one of our ideas, just let us know. We won’t be offended. We want to make the planning and consultation process in Overland Park as smooth and satisfying as we can.

Understanding When to Say “No”

It might seem counterintuitive, but we’re not afraid to say “no.” We value your input and your ideas, but we can’t agree to every idea. Many customers get overly excited, throwing out recommendation after recommendation, with no consideration for how long the process might take.

We don’t take on projects just because they’re offered to us. We want to leave your yard better than when we started, and if a customer insists on a project that might damage their yard or cause them problems in the future, we’ll be sure to let them know. We’ll also offer alternatives, so we can find a solution that works for everyone.

A Team With Experience

As you decide on a hardscaping company for your project, you should look for a company with experience. And we’ve got experience to spare. From the planning and consultation process in Overland Park, to the actual execution of the project, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects, from large to small.

Whether we build a retaining wall for a thriving business or a porch for a one-bedroom home, all projects are equal in our eyes. That being said, they do come with different challenges. But no matter the challenge, our team is with you for the long haul.

Have a Budget in Mind

Some of our customers come into the consultation process in Overland Park with no budget in mind. We don’t recommend this. We’ve seen it firsthand—the consultation always goes a little smoother when the customer knows how much they’re interested in spending

We don’t want to put you in a position you’re uncomfortable with. So take some time and create a budget. The cost of a project can vary wildly depending on a multitude of factors, so when we know how much you’re willing to spend, we can modify our plans accordingly so we can get you the best deal possible.

A Learning Experience

Another benefit of completing the consultation in person is the opportunity to educate our customers on the hardscaping process. As much as we love teaching people about what we do, this can benefit you, too.

We strive to educate homeowners because it allows us to collaborate more effectively on this project. Though we do the installation ourselves, we do truly view this as a collaborative process.

None of this would be possible without the homeowner’s input, and the input is exponentially more valuable when they understand the process. It’s best when you understand what we’re doing and why we do it, and if you want to know more, just let us know!

Don’t Go It Alone

It can be tempting to do it yourself, but a few YouTube videos can’t supplement years and years of onsite experience. A lot can go wrong during the planning of the hardscaping and landscaping process. It’s a complicated field, and if done incorrectly, you could waste money or even get someone hurt.

We have no problem offering advice, but you should always leave the actual install to the trained professionals. We understand the common mistakes that amateurs make when doing the work themselves, and we know how to avoid those prevalent errors.

Schedule a Consultation Now!

Now that you know what to expect from our consultation process in Overland Park, you can schedule one yourself. If you want to learn more about our process and what we do, you can check out our behind the scenes page for more information!

There, we’ve curated custom videos to help customers understand the ins and outs of the hardscaping process. We talk about everything from seed mulch to the interior structure of retaining walls. These videos are invaluable for anyone interested in the hardscaping field.

You can also check out our blogs for more about our design process. Don’t wait to get the yard you’ve always wanted.


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