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Understanding Your Hardscaping Timeline in Overland Park

Most of us like the idea of a well-maintained, perfectly curated yard. Unfortunately, you don’t want to hire a contractor who will turn your lawn into an eternal construction site. Is a new yard worth the headache of strangers spending weeks, months, or even years in your outdoor space?

Endless delays and setbacks are so commonplace in the construction industry that it might seem like too much of a risk to hire a contractor for your hardscaping project. If only you could guarantee that your contractor will be honest about their hardscaping timeline in Overland Park.

Well, here’s the good news: at GD Services, we include you during every step of the hardscaping process. We think we see the best results when the customer is clued into the construction.

There’s value in keeping you in the loop. You won’t be left wondering about the legitimacy of your contractors’ delays, feeling like you’re being ripped off. We’ve been in the hardscaping business for years, and we’ve handled all kinds of projects.

So if you’re worried about your hardscaping timeline in Overland Park, allow us to explain what may affect the length of your project, and how you can maybe even minimize some delays yourself.

How long will hardscaping take?

This is one of the most common questions that we receive during our in-person consultations, and we get it. You’re excited about transforming your yard, and you want to enjoy your new features as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to predict exactly how long a project will take until we decide exactly what you’re interested in. Depending on your project, the timeline can vary greatly.

Some projects may only take a few weeks, while others may take months at a time. But we’re not interested in dragging our feet. We’ll do whatever we can to ensure that your project is completed as fast as possible, while still maintaining our trademark quality and attention to detail.

What factors can affect my hardscaping timeline in Overland Park?

This, too, is somewhat of a complicated answer! When we give you a rough estimate of the timeline of your project, we do so with the assumption that everything will go according to plan. Of course, this is a big assumption. So what kinds of things may cause our plan to change?


The environment is a major factor when it comes to a hardscaping timeline in Overland Park. When you hear that term, you might be thinking of inclement weather, and that is certainly a concern, but if a tornado sweeps through your house, we have a feeling that a new porch will be the least of your worries.

No, when we talk about the environment, we mean the condition of your yard. Did you know that things like the kind of soil in your yard can affect construction? If you’re building a new deck, we want to be sure that our foundation is complementary to your yard’s soil type.


It’s important that you have a solid budget in mind for your project. If you want a brand new outdoor kitchen with all kinds of features, we can give you an estimate based on your wish list. 

But you don’t want to be surprised when you finally see that estimate, so take some time and develop a budget based on your dream outdoor space. If you budget correctly, you can save yourself some delays in the future!

Talk with us in person!

Of course, the only real way to get an idea of how long your project will take is for us to see your yard in person. To schedule an in-person, at-home consultation, head to our website. There, you can also get more information about how our consultation process works. We also have resources like behind the scenes videos and an in-depth look into our design process.

Don’t settle for a yard you’re not proud of. Let us take a look at your yard and see how we can change it into a space you’re excited to show off.

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