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Our Guide to Retaining Wall Replacement and Repair

“That doesn’t look right.” These can be some of the most expensive words you’ll ever say as a homeowner. While you can typically recognize issues inside your home, it can be difficult to see issues when it comes to the biggest room of your home. At GD Services, we complete just as many retaining wall replacements and repairs as brand-new builds. Our pros are able to tell what your retaining wall needs, but do you know when to call us? Just use this helpful guide to find out!

When Your Retaining Wall Needs Repairing

If at all possible, we recommend repairs before replacements. This not only saves you money in the long run, but it also saves our crew time that we can spend on other projects for your yard. That low bid may be tempting, but subpar builders can result in costly repairs over time. GD Services may not be the first to work on your retaining wall, but we’re sure to be the last. These are the two most common issues that we see on retaining walls needing repairs:

Stonework Issues

Uncut stones and problematic pavers are some of the most common issues that lead to retaining wall replacement and repair. Our crew uses a highly specialized stone cutter to uniformly cut natural stone and create corner cuts to account for the intense pressure that your retaining wall will have to endure. If these cuts are not made properly, your retaining wall can develop cracks and start to buckle. Look for developing cracks in the face and edges of your retaining wall to identify this issue.

Puddles and Troubles

One of the lesser-known functions of retaining walls is aiding with natural water drainage throughout your property. Your retaining wall is not built to be a water feature, so if you see water seeping through your stones, you’ll want to contact our team right away. Early signs of poor drainage include discoloration or “rusting” of your stonework and soft spots around your retaining wall. 

To tackle this repair, our crew will replace failed drainage pipes and build an effective drainage plan to mitigate any further damage to your property. We’ll also replace any discolored stonework and evaluate your wall to ensure everything works as it should.

When Your Retaining Wall Needs Replaced

It can be hard to figure out where to start when it comes to retaining wall replacement and repair. But there are a few easy ways to identify what needs replacing. As you take a look at your retaining wall, these are the most common reasons we determine a wall needs to be replaced:

Uneven Surfaces

Your retaining wall should create different elevations in your yard, but if you start to notice uneven levels and divots, you could be looking at a full replacement. The same goes for the faces of the stones that make up your retaining wall. Take a look from the side of your retaining wall. Each stone should work together to create an even profile. If one or two start to become out of place, it can spell doom for your retaining wall. Instead of just pushing those stones back into place, our crew will replace the affected section and install an improved support system.

Structural Failures

If left unchecked for too long, cracks, puddles, and divots can lead to a complete collapse of your retaining wall. Take it from the pros—a professional repair or replacement of a section of your retaining wall is a lot less headache than waiting until a complete failure happens. Since every wall is unique, the exact causes are always different, but our solution is simple. Our expert retaining wall builders begin your replacement by removing the affected debris and starting back from square one. To learn how we build retaining walls to last, read our feature blog. 

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Who to Call For It All

From a brand-new build to repairs and replacements, there’s only one call to make. Contact the pros at GD Services to talk about your retaining wall replacement and repair. Or start your project right by scheduling an in-person consultation. We’re happy to provide the service and solutions to make your outdoors great!