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10 Ideas for your custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park

Grilling, watch parties, or just a relaxing evening usually means food and drinks in the biggest room in your house. To step up your hosting game, you’ll need a custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park. For custom outdoor kitchens, fire pits, lighting, and more, you have a lot of options, but only one call to make.

At GD Services, our customers come to us with ideas every day. While we’re happy to talk over any options to make your dreams a reality, there are a few key things to consider for your outdoor kitchen. Here are our top ten ideas for your custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park.

10. A room with a view.

The biggest room in your home is your yard! So when we design your custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park, your design will take the natural beauty of your landscaping and location into consideration. For example, if your yard is next to College Ave, traffic is typically not the thing you want to see after a long day. So we design your outdoor space to maximize your relaxation per square foot.

9. Keep your cool

While you’re relaxing, the last thing you want is to have to go back inside for a cold one. To cool off outside, you just need an outdoor fridge, icemaker, or maybe even a kegerator! Whether you’re entertaining, or just chilling out solo, your outdoor kitchen should include a convenient way to keep you cool.

8. The Perfect Prep Space

Consider how you entertain your guests without an outdoor kitchen. That standalone grill runs out of prep space quickly, you’re constantly going back and forth between the kitchen and the patio, and you have to break up the party to make sure everyone gets served inside. Custom countertops in your outdoor kitchen solve all of these party problems. At GD Services, we’ll also design custom cabinets to give you all the storage and space you need to keep the party going smoothly.

7. Bring the inside, out!

Prep space isn’t the only convenient thing a custom kitchen can bring outside. No custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park is complete without a stainless steel sink. So take a look around your kitchen. Almost any amenity inside has an outdoor equivalent we can install to make your life outside even easier.

6. You wanna pizza me?

Something every home should have is a pizza oven. Sure it may seem like a luxury, but when you get the perfect crunch and taste from a homemade pizza, you’ll think twice before you order delivery again. There’s a reason the best custom outdoor kitchens in Overland Park include a pizza oven.

5. Light your fire (pit).

Pizza isn’t the only fan fave outdoor food. If you’re tired of gathering wood and struggling to light a simple fire, include a gas firepit in your outdoor kitchen. Making smores from the comfort of a patio chair is one of the best outdoor Midwest experiences.

4. Step up your grill game

If all this talk of outdoor cooking has you feeling hungry, you’ll need a grill to top it all off! No cookout is complete without a grill. So no custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park is complete without a high-quality gas, wood, or hybrid grill. At GD Services, we’ll recommend grills trusted to level up your cooking experience year-round.

3. Never Miss a Thing

While we’re talking about bringing the indoors out, let’s not forget the center of all watch parties! While we design your custom outdoor Kitchen in Overland Park, we’ll make sure your layout allows everyone to watch, eat, and enjoy every minute outside. We’ll also plan for outdoor-rated TVs, speakers, or projectors to make your home the neighborhood hub for games, movie nights, and more.

2. Keep the Party Lit

The party shouldn’t have to end just because the sun goes down. So when we design your custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park, we include lighting to keep the party going. We’ll design your lighting around the atmosphere you want to create. With flexible lighting options for any occasion, your outdoor kitchen becomes an inviting, useful part of the biggest room in your home.

1. The Perfect Patio

At GD Services, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful spaces, which is why every project starts with the perfect foundation. Our designs include natural stones hand selected and placed to give a functional, breathtaking patio for the rest of your custom outdoor kitchen in Overland Park. 

Pros for every project.

If you’d like any of these ideas in your backyard, there’s only one call to make. Contact us to talk about your project, or schedule your consultation to plan your outdoor kitchen!