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The go-to outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park

What are the makings of a great design? When we talk about your outdoor kitchen, it can mean a lot of things! At GD Services, we’re with you from design to finishing touches. We’re not just an outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park. We’re tradesmen with the skills to bring it to life. So when you’re ready to elevate your life outdoors, it all starts with a conversation.

When we talk about outdoor kitchens there’s a lot that goes into your design. You may not think about things like outdoor-rated appliances, or paver patterns, but that’s why you should trust the professionals. Our services go beyond just design. We craft, and install every piece of your custom outdoor kitchen. Here’s what you can expect when working with one of the best outdoor kitchen designers in Overland Park.

More than just a grill

Outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular additions to any backyard. When you’re talking about high-end appliances and custom patios, you can’t just settle for any grill. This means that the trusty Weber you’ve had since college will be on tailgate duty from now on. 

As you work with our outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park, we’ll help you step up your grill game. We’ll also discuss other outdoor appliances like pizza ovens, fire pits, or maybe even the smoker of your dreams. However, there is still more to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen.

Appliances to Consider

  • Pizza Ovens – There’s nothing like homemade pizza. So let your inner artisan out with an outdoor pizza oven
  • Bonus Burners – While you’re busy grilling up a feast, an additional burner allows you to heat sauces or boil water.
  • Sinks – Your interior kitchen needs a sink, so why should your outdoor kitchen be any different? All it takes is an addition to your existing plumbing lines.
  • Fridges Instead of running inside for a cold one every time you’re running on empty, just have us install an outdoor-rated mini fridge!
  • Kegerators – Want to be the king (or queen) of all watch parties? We can Install a kegerator for cold brews on tap without a single bottle cap in sight.

Your outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park can include any option you’d like to talk about as well. For everything from high-end projectors, and concealed speaker systems to fire pits and additional cabinets we’re happy to make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality. While we make installations look easy, there are a lot of things you don’t see that make a big difference in your backyard.

What you don’t see

Running long cords, lugging heavy coolers, and taking forever to light the fires shouldn’t be a part of professionally built outdoor spaces. So when you work with our outdoor kitchen designers in Overland Park, we plan for every part of your project. This means we’ll discuss additional electrical, gas, and water lines to give you a flawless final product.


When we plan for fridges, TVs, or speakers, we’ll need a reliable power supply. To do this, we’ll simply add onto your existing electrical lines to make sure everything works in your outdoor kitchen just like it does in your indoor kitchen.


Unless you like refilling and lugging around propane bottles, we’ll discuss how to give you all the heat you need without any of the hassles you don’t. All this takes is an addition to your existing gas lines. 


You already have a spigot, so this is often a no-brainer. Sinks, icemakers, and dishwashers can all be hooked up to your existing water lines to bring the entire indoor kitchen experience outside!

Structural options

Now that you know what we can install, let’s talk a little about how we put it all together. When you talk with our outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park, we’ll discuss cabinets, counters, and more! Here’s what each part of your outdoor kitchen conversation is like.


Your outdoor kitchen may seem very similar to your indoor kitchen. However, your outdoor countertops require materials that can stand up to the elements. We’ll recommend options that look just as amazing as your interior counters, but with the durability to keep them beautiful year-round.

Cabinets and Storage

One of the biggest differences between your indoor and outdoor kitchen is the cabinetry that goes into them. Sure you may not have high-grade stainless steel cabinets in your indoor kitchen. But they’re essential to your outdoor kitchen. While we’re installing your custom cabinets, we’ll also design custom storage options for hoses, wood for the smoker, and anything else you might need.

Pergolas and Patios

This is where the structure of your outdoor kitchen gets fun. Our outdoor kitchen designers in Overland Park love to add ideas like pergolas or custom stone patterning, to give an extra dimension to your overall design. 

We factor in how light plays off the pergola, and how each stone will look once we place them. That’s why our customers like working with GD Services. With us, you’ll be working with professionals to design and build your dream backyard with the best materials.

Materials that matter

What makes us the go-to outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park is the all-encompassing work we do. Our job isn’t done after you sign off on the plan. George Dillle is also our project manager. This means that he’ll help you select the best materials and he’ll install them too!

George only selects the highest quality materials for your project. This means that it may be a little more pricey than your average discount home improvement store. But it also means that you’ll get a finished product that is totally unique to you. 

George takes the time to hand-select every stone, beam, and piece of hardware that goes into every GD Services project. So when you design your outdoor kitchen with us, you’re getting the highest quality fit and finish in Overland Park.

Designs that get you outside

Your outdoor kitchen will be totally unique to you. So this is your invitation to dream big! Go ahead and browse every option you’d like. When you think you have your dream outdoor kitchen in mind, talk to the most trusted outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park to make it a reality.


The first step in any project is talking about it! For any project, George will walk through your yard with you to give ideas of how we can bring your dream to life. This is where a trusted hardscape contractor comes in handy. George not only walks you through appliance options, but he’ll also talk about things like retaining walls, landscaping, and lighting to level up your entire backyard.

Designs for Your Environment

As you talk about options, George will start drafting your project to give options for placement and floor plans. Your options will encompass the entire environment of your yard. 

For example: If your backyard is right next to a street, we’ll talk about ways to mitigate noise and create a natural, inviting oasis. This is what separates us from your average outdoor kitchen designer in Overland Park. We get to know your surroundings inside and out to give you the most impactful designs.

Get Cookin!

If you’re ready to love your outdoor space even more, it’s time to heat things up with an outdoor kitchen! Schedule your consultation with George, or reach out to get cooking with GD Services.