Backyard renovation in Overland Park

How to plan your Backyard Renovation in Overland Park

Let’s paint a familiar picture. You’re on your third trip to Home Depot, your “easy” yard project is quickly becoming a money pit, and you just wish you had your weekend back. If you know any part of this scenario, you’ve either given up on a project, or you’re about to.

As a go-to hardscape company, we’re here to say, it’s okay (we’ve been there a time or two ourselves). When it comes to your backyard renovation in Overland Park, keep this important advice in mind. It’s just like any project inside your home as well.

“I can do that myself!”

Have you ever heard the phrase famous last words? It’s used to describe that exact phrase when many people start their backyard renovation in Overland Park by themselves. You may have watched every episode of Fixer Upper, read every home and garden article, and know your way around a home improvement store. So when the weather gets nice and the sun stays up a little longer, it’s go time.

Pride cometh before the fall. And so does Spring. We’re not saying it’s a bad idea to get outside and get your hands dirty. But we can think of so many better ways to enjoy a weekend than lugging ugly, heavy stones, digging holes and getting nowhere on your project. When you’re ready to throw in the towel on your backyard renovation in Overland Park, or you just want to enjoy your weekend you may say something like this.

“I should probably call a professional.”

The first step is admission. No, we’re not talking about an intervention. We’re talking about why over half of our clients wish they called a professional, to begin with. If you’re a hard-core DIYer, these words can feel like words of defeat. But there’s a reason GD Services specializes in backyard renovation in Overland Park. 

When you call us, you’re not just getting our time, materials, and labor. You’re getting the professional design, equipment, and natural materials you can’t find in any old Lowes. Calling a professional hardscape company doesn’t mean you’ve given up, it means you’ve leveled up your backyard renovation in Overland Park. So when you’re ready to make that call, we’re here to answer. Here’s what happens next.

Our Process for Your Project

Every project that we touch starts with a plan. For everything from custom patios to a full-blown backyard renovation in Overland Park, we plan every part of your project before the first shovel hits the dirt. Unlike many landscaping companies, you can be sure what to expect by talking with the same person from design and cost, to construction and maintenance.

As with any home improvement project, not everything always goes according to plan. That’s why customers love working with George and our crew at GD Services. If something doesn’t look right, or you have a new idea, you don’t have to jump through any hoops to find your designer, contractor, or the manager. With one call, you can talk to George and resolve any concerns, or ask any questions.

We’re known for our courtesy by our clients (and their neighbors). So while we work, we keep the area as clean as possible, the noise only when absolutely necessary, and the possess moving at a pace that keeps everyone happy. When the last truck leaves and everything is set, we schedule follow-ups and give some tips on maintenance. 

Don’t call off your project, just call us!

If you’re about to quit your project altogether, don’t. You worked hard to get this home. So why give up on your dream backyard so easily? Instead of canceling your backyard renovation in Overland Park, call in the professionals. Schedule your consultation today to get started!