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A Detailed Look At Hardscaping In Leawood

GD Services is proud to help every community we serve. But when it comes hardscaping in Leawood, we put on our nice boots. Our commercial and residential projects alike stand out for their quality. That’s because Kansas’s hottest zip code demands the best. Get some inspiration by taking a closer look at the process you can expect for your project.

Building a Plan

All of our projects start with a design. Our CEO, George Dille, heads up every project we complete with a site visit and designs the space alongside customers to ensure the highest quality service. 

George will give you a detailed timeline and a quote for your hardscaping in Leawood. This level of access to your designer and builder is a rare thing, but it’s our commitment to our customers.

Building From The Bare Bones

Tackling your project may require us to take your yard down to the bare bones. This can mean a lot of heavy lifting. So we keep the entire area in mind throughout every stage of your hardscaping in Leawood. 

Many neighbors do not want to see giant piles of dirt, gravel, and pallets of material in their neighborhood, so we find the best ways to guide our equipment through the site without damaging utilities, plants, or your home’s structure. We use hand tools and smaller equipment if possible and thoroughly clean the job site every day before we leave.

Coming Together

GD Services focuses on natural stonework and precast concrete, so we collaborate with other trades to add things like adding water, gas, and electric features. 

Projects typically come with a 3-18 month lead time. Walls usually take 1-2 weeks, patios can take 1-2 weeks, and entire outdoor living spaces can take 1-3 months or more. 

The beginning stages are always the hardest to look at during your hardscaping in Leawood, but you won’t want to look away as your design comes to life.

New and Improved

George’s design accounts for everything from the beginning to the end of every project we touch. If you ever find yourself feeling anxious or impatient, you can always call your designer to get some peace of mind. As your hardscaping in Leawood comes to life, you’ll have a new reason to relax every day.

Get Started

To get the highest quality hardscaping in Leawood, keep it local. Schedule an in-person consultation. Or get in touch with any questions. GD Services is proud to serve the most popular neighborhoods in our area!