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Lawn Care Tips to Keep the Green Grass Growing

We all share an innate draw to growing things—that’s why we’re not still living in caves. While we may not have to grow food to survive like our ancient ancestors, nurturing plants is still in our DNA. As you look at the healthy, beautiful lawns in your neighborhood, don’t fight your primal nature. Just follow these lawn care tips from GD Services.


Soil is the base for all life on your lawn. This is where it all starts. Having healthy soil is the first step in all of our projects to allow for a solid root system. Many of our initial lawn care tips to customers is to improve their soil health with aeration, weed control, and improving drainage.

Know the Dirt

Around Overland Park, our soil is rich with clay. This means that the soil does not allow nutrients to get to the plants as efficiently if it remains regularly compacted. It also means that the soil doesn’t retain water in areas with high clay content closer to the topsoil. 

To combat these common issues, we survey your landscape to determine areas that can be improved. We look for areas that may be over/undersaturated, thin spots in your grass, and unlevel ground. 


Since our area gets all four seasons, water is always a topic of discussion. Watering schedules are crucial to the health of your landscape. However, keeping a regular schedule and knowing how and when to water is sometimes hard to pin down. These are our lawn care tips to keep your plants hydrated and happy.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Irrigation is one of the easiest ways to create an efficient, effective watering schedule. Our crew can install a timer to automatically give your lawn the right amount of water without you having to lift a finger. We recommend watering in the morning before 9AM or in the evening after 7PM. As the seasons warm and cool, you’ll need to change the frequency of watering. Spring and fall require 2 to 3 times a week, and summer usually requires 4 to 5 at its peak. 

Different Plants Require Different Water

Your lawn won’t require the same amount of water as your trees do! So, if you’re looking at an irrigation system, you’ll want to plan for a slow drip system around trees and a surface sprinkler system for your lawn. 


We’re not here to remind you about cleaning your gutters. Instead, let’s take a look at a few simple things you can do to make a big difference in your lawn. Even if you try just one of these lawn care tips this season, you’ll make an investment that pays dividends for the look of your home.

Make the Correct Cut

When should you take a little off the top? How much should you take? These are great questions to ask your barber and our lawncare professionals. We’ll both probably tell you that it depends on the time of year. Professional mowers recommend 2” to 3” in the summer months. We also recommend raising your mower’s deck slightly, to about 3”, around July to give the turf the summer vacation it deserves. In the spring and fall, you’ll want to keep it around 2” to 2.5” when your grass is growing fast and healthy.

Change With the Seasons

Keeping the right cut is important, but to take your lawn care to the next level, one of our most important lawn care tips is to change your maintenance schedule as well. Feed your lawn in the spring. Keep a close eye on watering in the summer. Then rake, dethatch, and aerate in the fall as well. These are all great ways to build your lawn’s health from the roots up.

Bonus: Record Your Maintenance

We should also mention to keep track of your progress. Plant science is fun to watch, and when it adds to the beauty of your home, it’s even better! Take pictures, record your mowing heights, keep track of your nutrients, and come up with ways to improve your lawn next season.

Neighborhoods We’re Proud To Serve

To master these best practices takes time. So, to learn them alongside trusted pros, just give us a call. GD Services is proud to be a partner with hundreds of homeowners around Overland Park, KS. Schedule your consultation to learn alongside the pros OP trusts!