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Expert Retaining Wall Builders in Overland Park

Kansas has a reputation for being flat, but many homeowners in Johnson County know that reputation doesn’t apply here. GD Services builds our reputation every day by providing expert recommendations and solutions to level up everyone’s life outdoors. To tame the landscape of your backyard, look to our expert retaining wall builders in Overland Park. 

George Dille and the rest of the team at GD Services continue to make a name for ourselves by providing the highest-quality service and results possible. Our reputation is built on years of experience creating rock-solid solutions with quality service from initial design to finishing touches. Here’s what to look for as you look for the best retaining wall builders in Overland Park for your project.

Signs of Subpar Work

To find the right builder for your project, it’s important to take a look at their work. Many contractors are notorious for cutting corners. But the only thing we cut at GD Services is hand-selected natural stone. If you suspect a contractor may cut corners on your project, here are 3 key things to look for as you take a peek at their past projects.


Crack is wack any way you look at it. From the plumber fixing your pipes to the foundation of your home, cracks are never something you want to see. When it comes to retaining walls, take a close look at the edges and faces of the stonework. If you see cracks forming, that means the stones are not reinforced to handle the pressure they’re under. One or two cracks are typical over a few years, but if left unchecked, these cracks can lead to a complete failure, which can cost you thousands.

Drainage Issues

One of the biggest functions of professional retaining walls is to aid in drainage. However, many retaining wall builders in Overland Park overlook this key element, which can lead to repair and replacement down the line. Common corner cutting includes subpar piping or positioning the wall without considering the natural landscape surrounding it. At GD Services, we understand deadlines and budgets, but we’ll never compromise on quality.

Our Marks of Quality

Many retaining wall builders in Overland Park claim to have trade secrets or special connections to undercut bids and offer crazy timelines. But at GD Services, the secret to our success isn’t really a secret. We provide our customers with the same quality we would be proud to have in our own homes. These simple principles create beautiful spaces and build lasting relationships just as strong as our retaining walls.

Low Maintenance

Would you rather spend less money now and more on maintenance later? We didn’t think so. Instead of saddling our customers with costly maintenance down the line, GD Services puts quality first in all of our projects. While our bid for your retaining wall may be near the top of your budget, you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to maintain your retaining wall. With high-grade materials, tools, and expertise you won’t find anywhere else, we build your retaining wall for the long haul.

High Expectations

As tried and trusted retaining wall builders in Overland Park, GD Services continues to exceed expectations with every project we complete. This is because we oversee every aspect of the project, from surveying and designing to repairs and regular maintenance. By having one call for it all, our customers know what to expect and who they’re trusting with their home. 

Build That Wall!

Walls are typically built to build barriers. But our retaining walls open up the possibilities of your yard to make your great outdoors even better. There are many retaining wall builders in Overland Park, but there’s only one GD Services. Get to know our local experts by scheduling your in-person consultation today!